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Be in full control of your 3D prints from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
You can use it wherever you are, whenever you want.



Sharebox 3D is an external hardware that allows you to do a lot of different things with your 3D models and your 3D printer. It has wifi included so that you can control your prints anywhere you are. You can also share a .stl file with your friends while you're having a coffee or you can share it with your collegues during a business appointment.

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How does it work?

Freelancer Essentials


Manage your .stl files

Sharebox3D allow you to work, slice, view and manage your stl and gcode wherever you are, whenever you want.

Wireless connection

Sharebox3D allows you to be always connected with your printer. You can also send your file to the printer or share it on the main social networks.

Control the print via webcam

Sharebox3D can be connected to a webcam so that you can watch the entire printing process without having to stay near the 3D printer.

Control the print remotly

Thanks to its simple and innovative interface, you can control all the printing process from your device.

Get notifications on any device

Sharebox3D will inform you about your printing process via message.

Store your files in the sharebox

With Sharebox3D you can have all your files and 3D prints with you thanks to its storage system.

F.A.Q s

How can I understand when the print will be finished if I’m not near the printer?

Sharebox3D will warn you as soon as your print is finished sending you a message. You can relax on your sofa or have a business appointment during the printing process because with just a couple of clicks you can control everything from your device.

Do I have to make a cloud subscription?

No, you don’t. Sharebox3D is an external hardware and it doesn’t require a cloud subscritpion: once you’ve it, you can work from your device to improve your 3D prints from anywhere at anytime!

Do I need to update Sharebox 3D?

Sharebox3D has an automatic updating system so you can keep it up to date with any new printer on the market. You don’t have to download any update!

What does it mean "full compatibility"?

Sharebox3D has a full compatibility with every 3D printer that uses a Marlin firmware: this allows you to work with the majority of 3D printers on the market (like Ultimaker, Printrbot, Leapfrog, Prusa, Robo3D, Solidoodle, Witbox). Sharebox3D can be used with a lot of different slicing softwares (both open source and professional) like Slic3r, Cura, Simplify3D and Replicator G.

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